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Maculot: Ojay’s First Climb

A year after I first visited Mt. Maculot, I decided to go back, now with my friends JM and Ojay, to try the new trail and visit an old friend the first time I went there.

The new trail has not much difference than the old one except for the parts where trails are steeper with lesser trees to cling on. I slipped a couple times because my sandals lose grip on the slippery parts (excuse). Anyone can go to the new trail even without a guide for the signs are pretty clear.

The trail is straightforward and easy to follow

The trail is straightforward and easy to follow

Like before, we went to Rockies to give Ojay the reward of his sacrificial walk (it’s his first time to climb a mountain and I can say he loved it). By 1PM, we were at the jump-off and cooked our lunch before we proceeded to Sitio Lumampaw.

We saw a millipede with a size of my hand along the trail!

We saw a millipede with a size of my hand along the trail!

I admired the care of the local folks to close the old trail for rehabilitation but it’s kinda dismaying to see the new trail almost looked weary. Nevertheless, it’s still a must for first-time hikers and old timers as well.

I can say the hardest part of the climb is not the mountain itself but the 1,500 steps down to Sitio Lumampaw. Like the first time I went there, my mind still cannot imagine how the people manage to climb up and down that very steep stairway everyday of their life? Haha! Well maybe we can call it ‘sanayan lang yan’. 😀

Well, overall I enjoyed our quick dayhike and to meet newfound friends is really fun to do. Thanks to our friends:

  • Kuya Richard – store owner at the campsite
  • Tatay Eduardo and Nanay Norma – halo-halo vendors at the jump-off
  • Jocelyn – buko juice vendor at the trail
  • Sir George and Ma’am Irene – fellow mountaineers and future business partners :p
  • Lola Pinay – local at Sitio Lumampaw where we stayed to change our clothes
The very hospitable Lola Pinay of Sitio Lumampaw

The very hospitable Lola Pinay of Sitio Lumampaw

Indeed I miss mountaineering after almost a year of stagnancy. I missed the fresh air, the body pain, the camaraderie, the view, and of course the experience of God’s creation. Looking forward for new mountains and friends. See yah!

Visit our photos here:

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Let’s Go Maculot!

Tomorrow we’ll be climbing Mt. Maculot for a quick day hike with a nice side trip to Sitio Lumampaw. Will be posting my thoughts about the new trail soon. Let’g go Maculot!

Posted by: freeclimbers | April 3, 2013

Search for Missing Mountaineer in Mount Maculot


The search continues for the missing mountaineer Victor Joel Ayson, 27. He was last seen on March 31, 2013 during a solo climb in Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas after a one-week climb at Mt. Guiting-Guiting in Romblon. Please spread and help. Godbless.

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