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Post Christmas Celebration in La Mesa Ecopark


Last December 26, my girlfriend and I went to La Mesa Ecopark to post-celebrate our Christmas day. By 8AM, we’re already there to avoid any traffic.

For a nature enthusiast like me, the concept of having an ecopark at the heart of a city thrills and pampers my caveman style of living. Arriving at the place, we were greeted by this mini-tunnel covered by crawling plants and vines and I admit that I was impressed by this grand entrance! 😀

Mini tunnel

SHORT INTRODUCTION: La Mesa Watershed, located in Quezon City and owned by Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewage System (MWSS), is the primary source of drinking water of Metro Manila residents. Due to lack of funds, poaching, illegal settling, and logging, the watershed was ruined. It was later undertaken by ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.’s Bantay Kalikasan project in partnership with MWSS through the Save La Mesa Watershed Project in 1999. It was later renamed La Mesa Ecopark after it was reopened to the public in September 2004. Today, it now serves as one of the last surviving lungs of Manila.

The park offer some features. At the entrance, you can either go to the butterfly sanctuary or take a walk on their eco-road that will lead you to the other parts of the park. Here we are doing “new” style of photoshoot: jumpshot!

jumpshot 1

spidey jump

At the center of the park, you will see a man-made lake where you can either ride a boat, catch some fishes, or just stroll around. By the time we came, the lake was half-full of water hyacinths though (not shown in picture).

man made lake

At the very place, walk through a 3-level stairway and you will have a view of the dam itself at the top but you cannot go inside it since its barricaded by wires.


There are still other places to visit. You can either walk on their mountain bike trail, visit the orchidarium, buy a plant (dead ones :D), horseback riding, swim, ziplining, wall climbing, paintball games, buy (DO NOT) some souvenir items, finding your luck on seeing a koi fish on the murky and brownish water, or just sit and feel the relaxing scene.


Before going out, we visited their butterfly sanctuary. A guide explained to us the life stages of a butterfly from egg to adulthood. I did not actually listen since my mind and eyes were occupied by these beautiful creatures. 😀


Afterwards, we went to its sanctuary and had a first hand touch on them. I was not totally left in awe since my expectation of a butterfly sanctuary would be full of them of different species. But it turned out they only breed 2 varieties. But it was fun and relaxing. By the way, I learned that not all butterfly wings won’t really cause blindness like what stories say. But i don’t really believe it even when I’m still a kid.


All in all, the visit was good and new to my ever hungry eyes. I just hope the staff and people who visit there as well would be more responsible on taking care of their garbages. A blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


From Sta. Rosa, Laguna, take a Cubao-bound bus and drop off at Cubao station or Magallanes station to avoid traffic. From there, take the MRT and drop off at Quezon Avenue. Find FX or jeepneys going to Sm Fairview and ask the driver to drop you off at Winston St. And then take a tricycle to the park itself.


P55 – Sta. Rosa, Laguna > Magallanes station
P14 – Magallanes > Quezon Avenue
P35 – Quezon Ave > Winston St. (FX)
P15 – Winston St. > La Mesa Ecopark

P50 – Entrance fee (persons above 3 feet, non-QC residents)
P80 – Butterfly trail



  1. 15 pesos po each sa tricycle or 15 na ung isng byahe?

    • ah puro per person un price jan 😀

  2. planning to go there this weekends. thanks for the do not tips. lol.

    • lol i didn’t think those “tips” may enlighten people 😀 there’s a swimming pool there. Better bring extra clothes

      • last time we went there, that’s way back, sobrang crowded yung pool. kailangan may umahon bago ka lumusong.

      • lol may traffic din pala sa pools. If I’m not mistaken, hindi lang isa yung pools sa park

      • isa lang yung nakita ko 😀 8 years ago na yun.

      • haha e siguro nagupgrade na nga, unfortunately yung ibang parts ng park e puro litters na especially yun isang pond na covered with garbage and hyacinths

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