Posted by: freeclimbers | October 8, 2012

A Stranger in a Mountain – Mt. Maculot Solo Hike with Sitio Lumampaw Sidetrip

After the cancelled supposed-to-be September hike, my trip to Mt. Maculot finally took place. By past 7AM, I started my assault and after just 10 minutes, I instantly lost almost a gallon of sweat. Whew! 

I was greatly overwhelmed by the entire upward trail I undergone. Is it because I was inactive for 5 months or because I’m alone? But fortunately, I didn’t give up and finally reached the top after an hour in a normal pace. There, I met Nathaniel & Niña Mae, the 2 cheerful yet shy locals selling snacks at the campsite.

But sadly, garbage everywhere also greeted me there. I’m starting to think that these unwanted elements now slowly becoming a common sight on mountains.

After an hour of staying at the campsite and chatting with the locals, I decided to visit the famous Rockies.

Upon reaching it, I was left astounded and in awe. The view was spectacular and truly a sight to behold! I visited Dila ng Maculot and to my amazement, I was literally speechless. The tranquility of the place touched my heart and pampered my battered legs. I just can’t do anything but to take pictures and relax up there.

 The left side of the Rockies offers a different taste. And for adventure seeker like me, this place is one of the best. Climbing these huge and small boulders will test your endurance, rock climbing skills, and coordination. While climbing these rocks, one should pay extra vigilance because one miss step can cost injuries or even your life. As I climb them, I’m silently praying to God to keep me safe while enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.

 To at least help clean the mountain, I picked up trashes along the trail and put it in my plastic bag as I trekked down to jump-off. And to complete my day, I went to Sitio Lumampaw to visit and take a dip at the lake after taking my lunch at the jump off. But before reaching it, I am yet to complete the thousand steps of pain going down. To not feel the stress it put me in my legs, I just counted the steps I made to a whopping 1,076+!

But the pain of the stairs was immediately wiped out by the calmness of the shore and the clearness (almost) of its water.

As I see some fishes swimming in the water, I felt the urge to take a bath but I don’t have a spare short to wear. So I ask Lola ( I forgot her name) a favor if I can borrow even a dirty short so I could take a bath and without a single word she just said yes! I immediately changed my clothes and rush to the lake and finally treat myself a very nice dip. (I forgot to bring my camera here due to excitement).

The hotness of the noon (it’s 2PM) did nothing to stop me from splashing and diving in the water even though I’m far below a good swimmer. After hours of swimming, I thanked these good people, promised them to come back, bid goodbye, and finally climbed the arduous stairs all the way up.

To sum it up, that day hike was really worth all the time I’ve waited. This day alone helped me realize a lot of things but one really struck me. There are two types of persons who visit the mountain – a climber and a mountaineer. A climber is the one who climb mountains just to have fun, to take pictures, or just to fulfill his dream. And a mountaineer is the one makes a difference. Now between the two, who are you?

0400 ETD Sta. Rosa, Laguna
0645 ETA Cuenca
0715 Start assault
0830 ETA campsite. Rest
0930 ETA rockies. Photo ops, relax
1100 Start descent
1215 ETA jump-off, lunch
1300 Head to Sitio Lumampaw (sidetrip)
1330 ETA Sitio Lumampaw. Photo ops, swim
1500 Head back, climb 1000 steps of pain
1545 ETA jump-off/go home
1700 ETA Lipa bus stop
17.45 ETA Sta. Rosa

P25.00 – jeep to Crossing
P8.00 – jeep to Turbina
P44.00 – bus to Tambo (or one can ride Lemery-bound bus)
P20.00 – jeep to Cuenca
P25.00 – trike to jump-off
P25.00 – trike to Cuenca market
P24.00 – jeep to Lipa bus stop
P80.00 – van to Sta. Rosa
P135.00 – others (food, etc)
P10.00 – registration fee

Visit my pictures here:



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  4. Maculot is actually one of the most beautiful mountains on my list. The view behind the Rockies makes you feel like you are in the middle earth.

  5. Hi! This is awesome! I’ve read a lot about Mt. Maculot on the internet but this is what exactly am looking for. Thanks for the heads-up. My friends and I are hoping to see the wonders of this mountain! You think it’s good to visit it this month?

    • Hi,

      If you’re seeking for peace of mind, then i suggest you climb during weekdays for it is really getting crowded during weekends – lots of drinking and such unwanted noise. Anyway, you can visit it anytime since it’s not really far from Manila. Just take the weather into consideration. Have a great hike!

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