Posted by: freeclimbers | February 19, 2013

For Human Entertainment Only



Tagaytay City, especially Picnic Grove, has been one of my quick escape from the polluted city of urban society. So to have a quick weekend getaway, our family, I mean our clan, went to Picnic Grove.

The place is still the same. There you find the famine-stricken horses, kite-flying field, zip-line  cottages, and the souvenir shops on the sidewalks. But if there is one thing new in the park, that is the Adventure Jungle where you can have a chance to take a picture of yourself carrying a 5-foot baby crocodile or a 10-foot python fresh from Manila Zoo.

Since I already got a picture of me with an albino python when we visited Manila Ocean Park, I chose to carry the croc with my brothers. The experience is exhilarating. As an animal lover, I have been longing to interact with these beasts even just to see them personally. But touching and even carrying them is just plain awesome! 😀 NOT PICTURED: My mother was seriously nervous while this photo shoot took place.

But while enjoying this moment, I felt pity for these animals. It just saddens me seeing how these animals are captured and domesticated for man’s entertainment. I cannot imagine how the croc feels while its snout was tightly taped all day everyday just to prevent it from harming people.

My sympathy for Crocky even grows more as I look at his seemingly teary eye at the picture. And now I feel sorry for taking part of exploiting his innocent life.

NOTE: Crocky is not his real name.


  1. I remember holding that very docile crocodile in my arms.

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