About the Author


Warjie Malibago, the author, is a Graphic Designer in Makati and also a dog lover living in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. An amateur (so far) freelance hiker who loves feeling the refreshing breeze of nature and the thrills of having it together with his hiking buddies, John Mark Canona and Jhonel Albert dela Cruz. In addition, he also loves picking trashes he finds in the mountain.

It all started from a so-called ‘planned’ uphill biking to a nearby province, Cavite. Then lead him and his friends to the top of Mt. Makiling. Got lost in the night with nothing but cellphone’s lights. Now, his heart belongs to the mountains. As a mountaineer and an aspiring blogger, he someday dreams to arrange a charity climb.

“Every step is a learning process. And it doesn’t end at the top.”



  1. Hope to see u on the trail Sir!

    • you too 😀 I wasn’t able to scale any mountain these past few months because of other things. But still, my passion never fades! Hope you too.

  2. I mean, the good soul…

  3. I am with you on that dream. The good sould in you radiates as I was reading your about me.

    I hope yo see you one day on the mountain trails, Warjie.

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