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Bucketlist #2: Take a bath at Mt. Makiling’s Flatrocks

Mt. Makiling – Mudspring and Flatrocks
November 17-18, 2012flatrocksAfter accomplishing my first bucketlist by scaling Mt. Maculot, I and my 3 little siblings together finished my second task. This is to introduce them to what I do and what I feel whenever I’m on the mountains. After going home from work, I immediately packed our things and left after lunch time.

The driver dropped us “near” the College of Forestry building so I prepared myself to carry their loads and them too since our target is to reach Tayabak campsite before sunset. Luckily, we were able to reach it by 1730H after a 4-hour walk.

Body pain alert! Erika, our youngest, got really tired before we reached station 5 so I carried her up to station 7 with my load. Fortunately, a kind-hearted habal-habal driver gave my 2 brother a hitch up to st.7 so I don’t have to carry them too. 😀


Day 2: Early morning, we visited Mudspring just near our campsite to take some photos. Here they are wondering how it would feel to swim at that boiling mud.


After that, we packed our things and ate some hot lugaw at the store and walked again to take a bath at flatrocks.

After walking for an hour, they suddenly ran ‘amok’ upon seeing the clear water of the flatrocks and immediately plunged at it. Finally, a nice dip at the cold and fresh water!


Flatrocks are huge boulders of rocks with water flowing from the mountain’s top that creates series of mini-falls. This view reminds me of the river near our house in Quezon province but offers much better attractions. Oh! clear-cold water, bed of rocks, trees of any kinds, and occasional birds to see — everything is just so plain perfect.

The next time we’ll be visit here, we’ll be goind to Botanic Gardens since it’s part of our original plan. A good day to all itchy feet like me!

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  2. Like you, I also believe that climbing the mountains is an experience to share. The invaluable lessons it will teach is something the youngsters cannot learn in the four corners of a classroom.

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