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I love animals of any type. For me, they are the most wonderful and innocent creatures God has created next to life itself. And seeing them up-close and personal, in the wild or not, never fails to excite and put happiness in my being.

Last Saturday, Nisa and I visited Manila Ocean Park after our short trip in Fort Santiago. The place was good, educational, and refreshing to the eyes of urban people. It features marine life of many kind and some reptiles and birds too.

One that captured my heart was Vincent, a male sea lion¬†imported from Chile. Together with female Sandra, they put on a show in a hot afternoon. They wowed the the audience with their skills and cuteness. Later we visited Marine Life Habitat to see them in their ‘natural’ habitat. The place was almost the size of half court of basketball field. They were actually six of them but we only saw 2.

Seeing them there hit me. I suddenly felt a sense of pity for them. Why should they have to be kept in an enclosure? Why shouldn’t they be released back in the wild? Were they here to make people entertained or to be taken care of? Then I asked myself. If I have the chance, will I let them live their last days in the wild full of danger from predators and humans or just keep them safe and sound? Will I let Vincent escape from their four-cornered life? I still don’t know.

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  1. You’ve got pretty good photos there that are absolutely refreshing to the eyes. Sea animals never fail to amaze me. The oceanarium is a dear place to me for a very special reason. I think you know that reason considering that you’ve been to my blog several times.

    Anyway, the jellyfish is something new to me because it wasn’t there when I went there the last time. “She’s such a beauty. I think I need to revisit the place when I get back in the Philippines next year.

    • yes they’re really amazing creature. Right now the staff there do a lot of renovation and decoration especially for the birds’ place.

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