Posted by: freeclimbers | June 22, 2012

Mt. Everest climber allegedly assaulted at 25,500 feet

A Chinese climber reportedly just a few thousand feet before reaching the summit of Mt. Everest was allegedly beaten up and forced back down for not having a permit by Tibet Mountaineering Guide School (TMGS) members.

The climber was reportedly spotted camping alone away from other expeditions at 25,000 feet of the mountain’s North Col route when he was approached by TMGS members and forcibly removed him from the trail and assaulted him physically, said witnesses.

The reason was for his not having a permit. Usually, the minimum cost of permit is $25,000 “on the low end” excluded of other important costs like gears and tour guides.

Truly, before doing any expedition, one must know all the laws associated with it especially in other countries. He must also know the consequences of not obeying such laws especially in mountains like the Everest.

But to be physically assaulted in that harsh environment means life and death. The authorities, in my opinion, should have just asked him to come down instead of attacking him. Everybody knows that staying in a prolonged period of time in such condition is a great risk so wasting energy from fighting puts both lives at stake.

However, one thing that boggles me is how in the first place this climber escaped the permit and still managed to climb? It just shows the security is not that tight unless he took an unorthodox trail.

With this incident, it puts the relationship of Tibetan-Chinese community at stake.


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