Posted by: freeclimbers | May 17, 2012

The Reason Why…

Today I ask you, “Why do you climb mountains?”
To defy your own limitations?
To be famous?
To have fun?
Or simply just to be different?
We have our own reason and purpose
Now ask me and I’ll say
I climb not because its there
But because it is part of me
We are brothers and to be with them is an instinct
We’re intertwined for we stand on the same ground
And if one day I die
My soul will be its guardian forever
Now I will ask you




  1. Post it on my Timeline Wall in FB too … coz i really like it 😀

    • thank you for posting this article in your blog and FB! I hope there will come a time that no one will be postinr such articles because everybody have learned to take care of our environment : )

      • Welcome 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Pinaybyaheras and commented:
    I reblog from “freeclimbers” Thanks to you for an awesome Blog.

    • oh thank you for reblogging. It’s just so nice that my amateurish articles can have an impact to others too

  3. Very well said …. we are climbing not because to be famous … we climb coz “We have our own reason and purpose” Super like! 😉

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