Posted by: freeclimbers | April 24, 2012

Hear Our Mountains’ Cries

Exploited Mountain

I always believe that as a mountaineer, I have a responsibility of protecting her natural beauty from destruction and careless visitors. Oftentimes, I used to pick up trashes I find along the trails and dispose them in my descent. And I never know I am the one really destroying it unknowingly.

Sure mountaineering is fun. Here you meet new friends and develop camaraderie. That’s why many people are opt in climbing in groups, big or small, to greatly experience the enjoyment of this sport. Unfortunately, climbing on mountains in such a great number can inflict so much damage to the mountains. We are just enjoying scaling them and unknowingly destruct its grandeur.

How? Mountaineering has been practiced for over a long time and since then, mountains had always been disturbed – and destroyed. From improper waste disposal of locals and hikers up to frequent mountaineering activities, the mountains had been badly beaten up.

There have been lots of negative effects of mountaineering that we never knew we bring. Locals or hikers, especially in large groups, involuntarily destroys the nature’s beauty by establishing lots of trails. This means going into more secluded parts and making paths there thus overturning its ecosystem. Another thing is the noise we make when we’re doing socials. We just don’t know how much anxiety it brings to the nature.

To acknowledge these growing problems, the government, locals, and fellow climbers must work hand in hand. I am not personally against this so-called ‘mass climb’ since it is not illegal. But maybe it is now time to control and minimize such activities and the like that bring so much stress to the mountains. Maybe it is now time to give our mountains a break to bring back its abundance just like Mt Cristobal now.

I am so ashamed to call myself a mountaineer who protects it but really know so little about it. We enjoy scaling them but we never really stop to listen to their cries. It is now time for us to redefine our meaning of mountaineering. We, as mountaineers should take a big leap in protecting our dearest mountains while still enjoying its majestic beauty.

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  1. Thanks for the link, I also got to read your take on the matter. Climbers should be well-versed on LNT. You not only come out a better mountaineer, you also come out a better person.

    • Yes you’re right. Just like the old adage says, “What you wear is what you reflect” (am I correct?) In mountaineering, what you leave is what your soul reflects.

  2. […] Hear Our Mountains’ Cries ( […]

  3. I so felt the message. I feel the same sentiment. See, it’s not really bad to do “socials” but it should be at the right place. I am also against partying on top of the mountains since the very noise created is not something the mountains expect from us. It’s the sharing of peace that is. In the first place, we go to mountains to commune with nature in a peaceful, solemn way. Communing through our hearts and minds not through merrymaking like there’s no tomorrow.

    I hope our fellow mountaineers will take time to hear the mountains cry as discussed here.

    Great entry for mountaineers. Kudos!

    • thanks Sony! I have read this line before that says, “Di lahat ng uso ay tama at di lahat ng tama ay uso” . It’s just it. People have false interpretation in mountaineering nowadays. It saddens me that some or most climb just to have fun and boast their achievements but not really feeling it from their hearts.

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