Posted by: freeclimbers | April 12, 2012

#7: Mang Pirying – Guardian of Mount Manabu

Mang PiryingRemember Mang Pirying? He is the keeper of Mount Manabu famous for his all-natural kapeng barako who owns a hut-turned-pit-stop. His real name is Cipriano Miranda.

The first time I met him was way back 2 years ago. This weekend, I’ll visit him again for the second time to give a fellow friend a nice introduction to mountain climbing and socializing.

Mang Pirying has been staying there for over 15 years together with his old radio, a guitar, his thermos and cups, chickens, and his cat! He said that one reason why he stayed there was when he lost an eye due to a brawl in Manila. Another reason was his being unmarried in a brood of 11.

He has taken the responsibility of keeping the mountain clean by collecting garbage at the campsite. Yes, those garbage left by thrill-seekers. No mountaineer will do that anyway. “Mountaineers would never leave trash. They are also not noisy at the campsite”, he said. As a sign of gratitude, mountaineers often give him food.

He does not describe his life there in solitude. He has found company in the mountain and its regular visitors.

Kudos and long live hero!

Note: Just for fun, spare some time to find his famous Big Bird or shall we call it Angry Bird in his hut. : )



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