Posted by: freeclimbers | March 25, 2012

I Juander in Mt. Cristobal

In the observance of the upcoming Holy Week, GMA News TV’s I
Juander will go to Mt. Banahaw’s neighbor, Mt. Cristobal to know
if the allegations to it as being the ‘Devil’s Mountain’ is
really true.

Also, mountaineers and other paranormal experts will go to Mt.
Makiling to find the truth about Mariang Makiling, guardian of
the mountain.

Airing date is 10:00PM, March 26, 2012 at GMA News TV

Follow this link for further details:

Update (3/27/2012): Visit I Juander’s facebook page for the story –



  1. may akyat kmi this weekend wala bang ligaw at andun parin ba mga ribbon?

    • di pa ko nakakapunta sa Mt Cristobal e, pasensya na

  2. […] I Juander in Mt. Cristobal ( […]

  3. mapanuod nga,tnx for the update sir!

  4. a good place to be informed about nature and way7s to preserve it.

    • sure it is. so mountaineers and locals can have a better understanding of these mountains.

  5. nice, thank you for the info sir, im going to watch I Juander on that day.

    • sure no problem. im going to watch it also. sounds interesting.

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