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The Slopes of Batulao

March 17-19, 2012
Nasugbu, Batangas

Mt. Batulao

Mt. Batulao has been associated recently by the death of first-time hiker Ms. Diana Fajardo who accidentally fell at Peak 8 while taking a picture. Because of that, this mountain gained lots of interests and fear by locals and mountaineers.

After 2 cancelled climbs, our hike finally went on. We decided tomake it a night trek. Upon reaching Evercrest Golf Course, which is the jump-off point, and packing up our things, we’re ready to go. We did not take a guide so our supposed to be 2-day stay has added one more when we got lost at the beginning of our trek when we mistakenly thought the first fork of 3 trails was the fork referred in the websites we look at. We took the left, downward trail thinking its the old trail so we wandered in the nearby mountain instead. It was already 1AM when we finally stopped searching for the trail to the campsite. Around 6Am, we backtracked our way and returned to the last kubo we reached last night. After eating our breakfast, we began our real ascent to Mt. Batulao, finally.

Seeing this mountain on a broad daylight is really dramatic. All throughout the trail, you can see cogon grass swaying with the refreshing summer breeze. The trails are straightforward and easy to follow. However, most of the times it’s very steep and slippery meaning one missed step could be your last so vigilance is highly important. I personally climbed Peak 8 where Diana met her tragic fate and found it really steep to climb and slippery to descent. At the start of Peak 9. you will reach 3 trails: a) left grassy trail, b) middle upward trail leading to the rocky Peak 9 (closed), and c) right, downward trail going to the forested area of the mountain. We took the forested trail to find a new view. The trail was a series of up and down having trees at the right side and huge boulders at the other. The endpoint of this trail was a small opening between two huge rocks that strongly reminded me of James Franco’s movie 127 Hours. We took a picture mimicking his pose at the poster and I felt like a canyoneer for a short time.

The road before the summit (Peak 10) was a series of rocky trails. Though there’s a trail below with less danger, we took the rocky one to have a better view. One final 45 degree assault and we’re at the top! We’ve reached the summit and it’s truly worth the sweat and the danger! The view was astounding. We looked back and saw how dangerous the trail really was [sigh]. You can see 360 degree the whole mountain ranges of Nasugbu including its neighbor Mt. Talamitam. While at the other side is the beautiful Batangas bay. Awesome! Watching the sun come down is another thing. It’s as if God opened up the sky while His angels fly around Him. It was pure contentment and joy we felt up there. Truly amazing.

Aside from the mountain, the people living there are hospitable and courteous. There we met Tatay Ricardo and Nanay Cita where we cleaned ourselves. They provide unlimited water supply for mountaineers for just P20.00! They even let us sleep in their house when we missed the last trip back home – without asking anything in return. I will be happy to go there and give them a big thanks when we return.

Our journey in Batulao was truly unforgettable. Trails were good. Scenes were great. And people were kind. I just hope both locals and mountaineers would help hand in hand to give proper awareness on its growing problem – GARBAGE.


Day 1 ——————–

1500 Call time at Target Mall, Balibago Complex, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
1630 ETA Tagaytay Market. Buy food.
1815 ETA Evercrest Golf Course
1830 Start trek. Reached Janet’s kubo. Took the left downward trail in fork of 3 trails. Got lost by this time.
0100 Sleep and decided to backtrack the day after.

Day 2 ——————–

0500 Wake up. Eat breakfast
0700 Backtrack
0900 Reached Janet’s kubo. Eat breakfast.
1030 ETD to jump-off
1430 ETA peak 9. Late lunch.
1615 Resume ascent
1630 ETA summit
1730 Start descent
1745 ETA peak 9. Pack up
1900 Jump-off
1945 Evercrest. Last pack up at Tay Ricardo’s place.
2230 Left by last trip. Sleep at Tay Ricardo’s place.

Day 3 ——————–

0400 Wake up
0600 ETD to Tagaytay Market


P40.00 – Complex to Tagaytay market (jeepney)
P8.00 – To Olivares (jeepney)
P33.00 – To Evercrest (jeepney)
P100.00/one way – To near Batulao

P20 – Registration fee (old trail) Add P10 for overnight. Max. of P50 for an overnight traverse.
P300 – Guide (recommended). We did not take a guide

Our Pictures

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  3. one of my favorite mountains in batangas ;D

    • yeah, that mountain is one true beautiful wonder near our residence. : )

      • it might we could see one day in Mt. Batulao 😀

      • hope we could! Coz my ex-classmates are planning a climb later this month on either batulao, pico, or maculot. 🙂

      • Oh that would be great … if i get back there i’ll bring my friend too .. a first timer climber! 😀

      • that’s good! educate him/her and have fun. It’s a good start for a first-timer

      • Yes i will 😀

      • that’s good. BTW, thanks for strolling in my blog. I’m still a newbie climber and still searching for more adventures someday.

      • It doesn’t matter if your a newbie or an old climber the important is the attitude of a person. 😀

        More adventures to come and never stop exploring like The North Face said .. lol 😀

      • i thought its Dora who said that 🙂

      • hahahahhaha .. why not? 😀 i like Dora the Explorer …bata pa lang explorera na and kahet isa syang cartoon nakaka aliw !!

      • haha,buti pa si Dora,if only exploring is that easy especially without $

      • hahaha … absolutely right 😀

      • 🙂 you know Gideon Lasco? he had already scaled LOTS of mountains. One lucky dude

      • yes i know him from his famous blog “Pinoy Mountaineer” malaking tulong ang nagagawa nya lalo na sa mga IT ng mga newbies .. like us (lol) 😀

      • haha,if i only have the resources like him,i will travel a lot

      • Why not? Do your own way 😀 Kaya mo yan! Think positive!

      • ang kaya ko lang ay ilakad ang mga aso gastos

      • hahahah … as long you enjoy na ksama mga aso mo .. go lang! 😀

      • yup,i enjoy walking with them nd hoping someday they can join me in my hikes 🙂

      • if your living in laguna .. i think batangas is the nearest province in ur place .. correct me if i’m wrong! so pwede mo dalin ang mga aso mu 😀

      • yeah,malapit lang batangas samin,dun kame lagi umaakyat..i’m planning to bring one of my dogs when i climb either Batulao or Manabu so i can have companion 🙂

      • Your from San Juan Batangas? Nadaanan kase namen ang way to Mt. Manabo that time .. were going to Laiya Batangas to climb Mt. Daguldol 😀

      • nope, i live in Sta. Rosa Laguna. Escape ko lang ang umakyat sa Batangas pag medyo napapagod sa city life 🙂 i haven’t climbed Daguldol before. What’s your verdict about that mountain?

      • One of my challenging walking hahah you know why? coz from Laiya registration all you have to do is to pass by the sandy beach .. and “kumusta naman ako?” “lumulubog paa ko bawat hakbang ko” that’s the only thing i dont like in the beginning of Mt. Daguldol .. 😀 i guess i’m heavy .. lol

      • lol,i’ve read about how to get there..its really tiring sa umpisa ng trek..ayos lang yun at least nakaahon ka pa din sa buhanging kumunoy 🙂

      • hahhahahaha … i curse that sandy beach .. really! i will bring that memory until i die … putik pinahirapan ako ng bonggang-bongga .. lubog ang boung paa ko hahahaha !!! pahirap! 😀

      • pahirap ba talaga? 🙂 ganun talaga,sa una mahirap…pwede bang maligo dun sa beach ng free?

      • oh yeah .. after we climb we go straight to the owner of one nipa hut there … i guess it’s around 20 or 30 pesos only per head including shower.

        Free Beach only need to pay is the rented Nipa Hut 😀

        Climbing and Beacheeniring solve 😀

      • hmm,sounds good 🙂 sayang lang hindi ganun kaganda ang trail ng Daguldol..or is it gulugod-Baboy? lagi ko kasi napapag-baligtad yung 2 e

      • yes it’s Daguldol .. ung meron mahirap na lakaran lol !

        Sa GB naman is after ng Bday Climb we go straight as well in Anilao we rented a big NIpa Hut this time .. co’z i believe were almost 50’s … i need to re blog again my GB Year – End Climb to post more some oicture to be detailed.

      • saan ba yung may maduming trail? i think its GB…

      • tama po sa GB .. nakita ko sa isang blogger na picturan nya yung mga basura sa trail ..

      • yup,,yun kay KZ, ganun din kadumi sa Mt. Tagapo naman,sa Talim Island,what’s bad is sa peak pa mismo nakatambak ang dumi,sayang at hindi namin nakuhanan

      • Never been to that 2 mountains .. and yet madumi na kagad .. so sad to hear ;(

        Tagapo and Talim Island located where?

        yes from KZ blog .. i do comment on her blog din!

      • hmm,Mt Tagapo is located in Talim Island, Binangonan, Rizal. It’s an island in the middle of Laguna lake. I have an article about it also

      • ohh .. thanks for the info .. okey basahin ko ang article mo na yan .. 😀

      • thanks! sabi nga di araw araw pasko, and yung akyat namin na yun is one example

      • much better not to climb on rainy season para iwas disgraya !!!

      • yeah right 🙂 stay safe!

  4. Oh I missed this mountain, hopefully I could join one of your climbs.
    I’m currently looking for a mountaineering group to join, hope you can help.
    Thanks and more power to your blog. It’s easy to read, detailed and informative. Keep it up!!

    • thanks! This mountain is really one of my favorite mountain to climb. All throughout the trek, every view is so wonderful to watch. As for our group, we don’t usually arrange a climb event because MOST of our hikes are not really well-planned! But I appreciate your eagerness to have a group. Whenever we have a climb, I can let you know if you’re interested. : )

  5. thanks!

  6. Nice!

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