Posted by: freeclimbers | March 19, 2012

#4: Filipino Time: Is it Curable?

     Filipino time: one of the most shameful mockery on us. A problem never solved. And I would like to grab this opportunity to open up this issue to my fellow mountaineers, professional or amateur.

     Why it seems so hard for most of us to manage the ample amount of time we got? It is because of this ignorance why tasks that should be done for a specific time are not finished. In relation with this profession, the discipline one carries to the mountains, I believe, should not be left there but must go beyond it.

     Long ago, Filipinos were one of the most disciplined people when it comes to time. Only when Spaniards colonized us this plague injected became pandemic. People learned not to give utmost importance on time.It is a problem hundred of years ago and still visible in the present times.

     Every problem has its answer. It must start from within you and be accomplished carefully, and patiently. You can do it by doing a specific task o a given time in any condition as possibly as you can. Practice makes perfect. If you will be able to manage to do things on a certain time, problem solved. If not, just keep swimming. Simple as that.

     It is never too late to make a change. You do not always have to be the last one to enter the classroom. You just don’t know how ‘plenty of time’ you have in your life. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.



  1. It is curable. Our consuming passivity is just the very culprit why this FILIPINO TIME still exist. Consistency to rules should be observed at all times. Friends and even family members shouldn’t be treated as exemption — which is unfortunately a common case in the country.

    • yup, you are right. People should know the true essence of time. Only then this PROBLEM will gone.

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