Posted by: freeclimbers | March 15, 2012

#2 Your Hiking Guidelines

It is important to remember that hiking, although fun, has its own risks of danger. You are outside your comfort zone so the chance of getting injured or worse is high. For this, it pays to have knowledge on some safety precautions and tips before doing it.

Avoid travelling alone
It is recommended NOT to travel alone especially if you’re a beginner. If you travel to heavily forested areas, with unclear trails, you can get lost easily. Be reminded also that you will be travelling in a mountain so expect there are wild animals roaming freely up there. Thus, giving you a higher risk of danger.

Having a hiking partner/s will help you a lot, especially if he or she is an experienced one.

Take some time to read
Having a knowledge about the mountain prior your activity will help you in many ways. Read forums and reviews about the mountain so you will have a better view in mind about the risks of climbing it.

Make a schedule for your entire hike time. Print the trail map of that mountain if you’ll get one. This will help you know what part of the mountain you are.

Take basic gear
Spare some time to bring tools like lighter or matches, knife (multi-purpose), and other gadgets that can be your lifesaver in case of emergency.

Take basic precautions
Always bring first-aid kit with you. You’ll never know what will happen to you out there. Gauze, bandages, and other standard items are important. You should also have some first-aid knowledge, of course.
Bringing water or other fluids are essential. You can lose body fluids easily on a hot day so its important to stay hydrated. Take what you just need, not much more. Have enough food for the whole hike time.

Use your common sense
It is important to use your judgment wisely. Step over logs or tree roots rather than on them. Tendency is your feet may slip sideways, especially on slope, thus injuring you. Do not interact directly if you encounter wild animals.

To avoid fatigue easily, you must do some exercise days prior your hike. This will condition your body to its maximum capacity. Before your hike, do some stretching to avoid stressing your muscles too much.


Staying aware and preparation can make your wilderness experience an unforgettable yet fun activity. Have fun.!


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