Posted by: freeclimbers | November 2, 2010

At the Top of Manabu

October 29-30, 2010
Sulok, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Sto. Tomas
Mt. Manabu

The first time I climbed a mountain and felt the ecstasy at its peak, I started to love it. That’s why only a month after climbing Mt. Makiling, we decided to climb again. This time we’re much prepared — foods, shelter, basic gears, and added companions. It was my first time in Mt. Manabu so I was so excited. At the start of the trek, lansones are abundant everywhere because farmers grow them. We managed to pick some good ones in the ground. Almost midway in the trail, you’ll find a creek where you can clean yourself.

Though prepared, it’s still not our perfect hike because we forgot to check the weather. There was drizzle at first and then rain. How many times we argued if we’ll still go is I don’t remember. Still we resumed even it’s still raining. It’s almost dark when we reached Mang Pirying’s place, the caretaker of the mountain. He was such a hospitable man. He even offerred us real kapeng Barako and had a chitchat with him eventhough we don’t fully understand his dialect. 🙂 As long as the rain stopped, we thanked him and resumed our ascent. The trail became more slippery and dangerous because of the rain. As we reached the campsite, the rain became heavier (the next day we realized that a typhoon had a landfall on our hike). Still cold, we quickly set our tent up and ate our dinner, which are leftover rice and some canned goods because our stove malfunctioned when it accidentally dropped during our ascent. It was just 8PM but we decided to sleep because there’s nothing to do outside. We can’t sleep. The wind whistles loudly and violently. It’s freezing and we’re all shivering. It was a very long cold night and how I wish it stop.

The next day was paradise. Rain stopped and the scenic view appeared. We ate our breakfast and climbed the peak. Upon seeing the huge white cross at the top, we sighed and quickly climbed the last upward trail in excitement. Oh, how I missed this feeling! I felt so contented and happy. All the hardships from the start were worth it. The scene was panoramic. Impeccably beautiful. I told myself, “This won’t be the last”.


Day 1 ——————

0800 Call time at Target Mall in Balibago Complex
0830 Ride Lipa-bound van
1030 ETA Fiesta Mall. Buy food
1115 Charter tricycle to Sulok, Brgy. Sta. Cruz
1145 Brgy. hall. Register
1200 ETA jump-off (water tank). Lunch
1330 Start trek
1430 ETA St. 2 (dampa)
1515 ETA St. 3 (creek)
1730 ETA St. 5 (Mang Pirying’s place)
1900 ETA campsite. Dinner/socials.

Day 2 —————–

0600 Wake up
0945 Breakfast
1200 ETA St. 6 (summit). See big, white cross
1245 Start descent
1445 ETA Mang Pirying’s place. Late lunch
1600 Resume descent
1800 ETA jump-off. Dinner/prepare.
1900 ETD jump-off.
2030 Back to Sto. Tomas. Charter van to Balibago
2000 ETA Pavillion Mall. Head back home


P75.00 – Balibago – Fiesta Mall (van)
P50.00 – Fiesta Mall – Sulok (tricycle)

P25.00 – Registration fee
P? – Guide (not necessary)

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