Posted by: freeclimbers | August 16, 2010

A Bicycle Ride to Tagaytay

     This article, for me, is so important thought it is generally not about mountain climbing at all. Why? Because this was the activity that drove me to the mountains.

     Even as a little kid, I was really fascinated with animals, floras, seas, and landscapes — especially mountains. I have a dream of at least stepping on it. I want to feel the fresh air and the scenic views waiting on me at the top. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money. But luckily that day came – somehow.

     Bored by the daily routine at school, me and my friends/classmates JM and Jhonel, out of nowhere, decided to go to Tagaytay — riding our bikes!? Sounds normal but not. First, we live here in Laguna and second, we don’t  have mountain bikes! In my case, I only have a “mac-mac” bike. It is a smaller bike similar to BMX. Without thinking of the risks and a lot of sweat involved, we went for it.

   So 5AM was our call time in front of Macabling waiting shed. Jhonel and I arrived there 15 minutes late while JM,ehem,almost 30 minutes late (his house is in Macabling). I will try to give you our itinerary I remember though I don’t really know the need to produce this. Finally with ourselves and our poor ragged bikes all set, we started our journey. The first part of the ride was easy. From our meeting place, we went Target Mall in Balibago Complex and took the long and winding Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Road. From 6AM to 6:30AM, we arrived at Crown Asia, stopped there and took a picture, stretched for a while and continued. From then on, the road started to become like a rollercoaster ride. There you have to pedal hard for the steep road and control your speed when going down. By 7AM, the sun was up and our sweat started to bathe us.  Along the way, we met some cyclists going down from Tagaytay. They were looking at us as if saying ‘Biking with those? Are these kids serious?’ LOL. Around 9 – 10AM, we reached the Philippine National Police Academy. But before you reach it, you have to ascent a very steep road (maybe 45 degrees high). Of course, we just walked our bikes. That’s alright, we’re not cyclists after all and besides it’s so steep that even walking it is so hard to do. That’s also the first time I saw a Ferrari car! Yes, a Ferrari and it’s so fast! [Edit: I don’t really know if it’s a Ferrari because I whenever I see a red car I always call it a ‘Ferrari’ or a ‘race car’]. Generally, it’s a long and boring to story to tell what happened for next few hours.

     Fast forward to Tagaytay Market. It’s almost 1PM and we’re all hungry and dead tired. We stopped at the market to fill our water bottles. I also bought 3 pieces of Japanese corn for only P20! We were so much tired when we arrived at the Picnic Grove. The white jogging pants I’m wearing was now half-black (putim in Tagalog). The marshals there asked us with amusement when we said we came all the way down from Laguna. The entrance fee there is P50/person. The last time I went here the entrance fee is just P35 (And that’s also my first time) so I just brought P100 pocket money with me while Jhonel brought only P50-60 with him! Hahah. Still we went on. We ate our lunch — I can’t remember anymore. There are still good places to go to like the horse backriding fields,


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